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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  February 26, 2015 4:00am-6:01am PST

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>>james: we are nearly to the weekend that for just at this early hour listed right to the weather center. hist >>erica: we are heading out to mostly clear conditions it would have a few low house right now developing in the north bay but other than that we have light breeze out there but you will see no problems with visibility as you drive across
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the san mateo bridge less focus on your forecast specifically for the south bay. temperatures in the mid to upper '40's expect sunny and warm conditions and to the afternoon some locations will approach said seven degree mark. >>erica: mostly clear skies to touch the back of the four is as we approach lignite all not pretty calm weather temperatures across the entire bay area the saw blade how recently drawdowns of the 9344 currently in fairfield mild by comparison and san francisco 52 there of the 40's for oakland and 50 right now and redwood city as we headed to the afternoon will be met with another day of above average temperatures we're back in the 74 today richmond 7172 for napa 72 you're ride today for oakland for the lower peninsula. >>erica: we are tracking in the area below pressure is one of
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the decks of work is going to move west the we are talking about the possibility of a few isolated showers here in the bay area for fear is a wider view of the state is to put future cast as a motion you will see most of the activity reserve for saturday heading into 9:00 a.m. saturday was a to see some light rain develop along the coast if it comes a little more widespread as it into about 10:00 if we will continue with the possibility of hit or miss showers as we head into the afternoon keep your umbrella handy and in addition to the rain we're expecting the bay area without also systems no develop in the sierra nevada. >>erica: 10 of slacks saturday will be very wet weather on talk this weekend the chance 6 will increase for wet weather as we head into next week the looks like anything ranging from 10 to 40 percent chance for showers as we head into about winston more
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details on that coming up in a moment right now focusing on traffic a great time to leave the house were not looking any hot spots here is a live look for your the bay bridge toll plaza very like conditions at this early hour the me to a lesser offer now the drive about 11 minutes from amazing to san francisco we do have some overlap construction at the san mateo bridge to concede the right hand lane is call doff but traffic is for a delay in the area the golden gate bridge loans could no problems to report here we do have some patches of fog from a write-down santa rosa of petaluma the richmond san rafael bridge would not have any true for >>james: iraqi news we're waiting to hear if no charges will be filed as three men accused of sexual assault the to to your woman with police said a
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woman claimed she a been held captive in abuse for weeks at the santa rosa home to some county sheriff said he was the mastermind behind the crime he was taken into custody yesterday along with two other suspects woman showed up at the sheriff's office pay is charged with aggravated sodomy and rape. his bill ss $6 million also arrested the 52 year-old of watsonville and year low of the month of santa rosa. >>james: they help keep the victim captives. another bracket story that we're falling of the of our today we are hoping to learn the identity of the suspect arrested to ease the shooting that left one man dead and a woman in critical condition from 3:00 wednesday afternoon hercules place will called up to a home on a terrible place this video from a
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helicopter purchase of abc seven new witnesses said two men were seen fighting in front yard she is listed in critical condition this morning please also found a man's body and the grass of all over to them call the night and arrested a suspect a short time later please try to determine the most of all this. >>james: northern california community in mourning after the tragic discovery a vigil was held last night for your boy was reported missing on monday nobody from the biggest and the was at that vigil will have to the newborn is still unclear if from the body of just entries in a swampy area 0 30 mi. to sacramento the babies would zero mother was also reported missing she was found alive nearby police said earlier they did not
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suspect foul play by the mother not investigation continues into what exactly happened to both of them. >>james: we're learning more about the suspect involved of the recalled wednesday after a chase for sacramental the in the democrats and martinez. >>reporter: when california highway patrol officers report so when this cadillac suvs early wednesday morning that operated under the assumption the opposite side walk armed and dangerous. after the vehicle crashed in martinez investigators say the concerns were justified their deadly weapons located in the vehicle at any time there's weapons and vehicles there's the potential for some danger to the public and to us. they also follow the described as a significant amount of stolen merchandise specifically draw early is believed that the five suspects were taken into custody three
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men into women may have been on a robbery spree that included stops in the recall while chico according to how it would choke with the prom in those cities have been in contact. >>: definitely looking at the to clean title to stolen out of the jurisdictions. >>reporter: the case involves a celestial have committed crimes in moscow state met also been in possession of firearms the fbi office now handling this case this city investigation is ongoing in the more details could be made public in the days to come >>james: 3 americans under worst for plan to crisis and attack the americans after the break dead and the sea lions washing up along the california coast will let you know what is being done to help from we have a live
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the the december sale bridges were we are tracking the weather will change tear over the next two to 440 hours and cupertino is 46 degrees renown should woman to 73 lead on today back with more and a moment for over 60,000 california foster children nights can feel long and lonely. i miss my sister. i miss my old school. i miss my room. i don't want special treatment. i just wanna feel normal. to help, sleep train is collecting pajamas for foster children, big and small. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help make a foster child's night a little cozier. not everyone can be a foster parent but anyone can help a foster child.
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>>james: 6 in this ninth option on a long bay area coastlines if--sick and did the sea lying. >>reporter: they're trying to save the lives of several six sea lions. this recently six were recovered on the sonoma coast this is the only marine mammal hospital of its kind in california and right now is close to capacity. to that up
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close look at the nonprofit hospital the veterinarian's care reform in everything from research the animal to see if there's any wounds are anything like that even using the feeding to on some of the most members of shivah working here for three years she is one of several the to the area's city more than a hundred and 40 sea lions suffering several symptoms. >>: california sea lions that are mariners are starting out there were getting them washed up to shore up the trip in the mainly from malnutrition. >>reporter: if i hundred and 40 sums like a lot it is just put in perspective of this time last year in a hospital only had a dozen sea lions been treated.
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the fist of the sea lions feed are abnormal location and so we're suspecting the adult signals are taking longer to forge and so then i getting back to the pups and nurse them sometimes and time and sometimes they're not able to nurse themselves so that i was a pass up that nurse in to their pups. >>james: come and we will have more headlines and a complete check of weather and traffic in the meantime here is a live look outside the embarcadero camera to 54 degrees right now in the city should warmer to the upper 60s later this afternoon we will be right back.
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>>erica: i think today is really going to be the last day of above average temperatures for a while for to have some big changes in store the definition to the weather pattern first this morning it was not as cold as a second live with at the golden gate bridge loans to clear conditions from this vantage point we have some pettifog form in santa rosa and papilloma after temperatures like edmonton if not as chilly so fast they will not need a really heavy disc jackets san francisco at 52 degrees f everyone of a freezing this morning and the talk will will see lots of sunshine even some
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'70s as the headed to the haft family. richmond oakland of getting into the low 70's and the rain is really going to roll off the to sadden and what of early 6:00 a.m. saturday will deal with chronic conditions for the south bay in north bay. >>erica: take a look as with the clock into motion by the 9:00 hour will see rain develop for the calls will continue to see the showers but what troubled snow on top of the sierra nevada. we could to some
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isolated thunderstorms forming along the coastline. turning our attention to track the great news for bay area freeways would not have any hot spots and is a great time to leave the house cemeteries is nothing good in both directions we do have it over i construction and effect right now brought in the right
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hand lane in the area where i sing it produced a slowdown in golden gate bridge loans good wishes or less as it did to the richmond san rafael bridge bridge >>james: it was diverted to wichita of glass at the landing gear failed the flight carrying 67 passengers who operated a regional airline operating of the express name police it was down but not turn on the it did come down and the plane did land without incident and fully. new this morning we have learned that the number of people devices millicent's has
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kidnapped is now to roger and 30 now there's fear of those public threatened. >>reporter: hundred and 50 others condemned by the radical terror group. these other images eyases the propaganda to try to identify the location. honda's possibly thousands of some
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matters and to find center in some mayors a local cathedral with the fate of hostages they feared the same the egyptian christians captured by isis and libya >>james: date expected to be lucky your doctor's office and civil befouled and hospitals the
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system is conducting a new study to see if in fact getting the bacteria and doctors' offices is possible assault on the study will determine the cause the cdc said the patient should wash their hands the sidewalk or searches trees are not off- limits to bicycles and downtown san jose for second and third for tree in a long downtown san jose. there has been an increase to pedestrian traffic i do not
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think it is a big problem at a share the road with each other here as for the cycle of the down have new clearly marked by claimed were to decide to give them plenty of space to the avoid writing all those business sidewalks. this plan this was to lay be protected under free speech but displaying a swastika has certain compensation.
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>>james: they're torn san on one hand believe in freedom of speech of the also the not agree with this line the swastika coming up we will have more headlines from here in the bay area and around the nation and world take a quick while the calcite we're on track to see potential is a line around the bay this coming weekend. bulldog: you don't need superpowers to help someone. sometimes, all it takes is a warm heart and a cold nose. that's why mattress discounters good deed dogs is raising money
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>>james: loss of new faces this tear including a guy to throw the ball with both arms not at the same time that would be weird.
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>>reporter: his name is pat benedetti is attempted to make the 04 athletics of the picture my dad started with me when i was 3 years old to six years later and his dad is still by his side wednesday pat joined into the passing year the was totally impressed with the ambidextrous or to arm throwing pitcher. the no. 7 for the slight it was 47 from one side and walked out a little bit dizzy. during a game benedetti was pitch from both arms he was
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pushed from batter to batter hits a glove that is legal and allows them to do so easily from in the pocket tear in the middle is says pitching with both arms to acquire more conditioning but it has become part of his life. >>reporter: to the glove and saw him using 50 now makes it for free but was not always that way growing up he tell his family paid between 506 other dollars just to the glove. >>james: do not forget gary is born to be out their spring training he leaves today so will
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be looking to chat with him potentially tomorrow will say will take a quick break come enough another partial government shutdown be looming the answer is yes but what the study was holding up legislation for increased funding plus much more on that body found and hurt plays on wednesday.
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[ birds chirping ] [ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ] >>james: there's some of the big stores ribbon fallen since 4:00 a.m. we're waiting to hear more charges will be filed against three men accused of sexual assault to a to to to your woman who they are holding hostage in santa rosa and for your jose
4:31 am
brought us morale's was the mastermind behind the crime they say that he was taken into custody yesterday with two of the suspect this charge was a recount including aggravated rape but police say additional charges may be added as investigation unfolds weller more about the suspect involved in the cars they are rich green the recall was to have the chance to sacramento and did indiscretion martinez of a song with they describe in a significant amount of stolen merchandise specifically jewelry the five suspects second specimen of an onerous perry that included stops in denver colorado to that we're hoping to learn the identity of the suspects arrested in connection with the east bay incident that left one man dead and woman in critical condition. >>james: 3:00 wednesday afternoon the recall to home and a terrible place. >>reporter: hercules believes
4:32 am
witnesses say that to men were seen fighting in the front yard of a home on that street police say it one that appeared to be choking the man he was fighting what all this as a ride on the same they did not see any one but there was a blood trail in the driveway of to decide to into the home for a welfare check once they got inside they found a female victim who was badly wounded. she is currently critical condition they did a further protective for the house looking for any of the victims of weapons that might be in plain view inside the rise they found a male who was deceased. officers combed the area please the rest of us suspect a short time later for resisting work well into the night to put together what happened is really
4:33 am
sad and discouraging to know this thing is still happening in the world today i've been doing this for a long time in a distressing to get any easier. >>reporter: they cannot sell this to the home invasion but the replica was found at the same. >>erica: have to clear conditions as the tech a live look at the bay bridge this morning temperatures this morning will not as will is in the past couple days temperatures right now mainly in the '40's but loyal has risen drive down to 39 degrees
4:34 am
temperatures above average will season low seven develop along the east bay shoreline by letter on tonight still holding on to most other conditions along a pretty quiet weather around the bay area air is a look at temperatures out the door everywhere 38 degrees in vallejo fairfield recently dug down to 44 will sailfishes replaces by herod in richmond downtown san francisco 52 right now not bad by comparison. if >>erica: 20 of '60s and '70s like i said we do have some changes on the horizon isolated showers for the forecast we last see any more recorder of an inch of rain will keep that in mind
4:35 am
with cynicism to isolated thunderstorms as we into saturday afternoon here is a look at the seven they are on the bay forecast we have a chance on settled whether it is into the work week in this light most attractive is on tuesday but whether back of the forecast into the middle of the week there is of such a shift in the weather pattern here in the bay area to quit were checks started to evolve with a live look at the bay bridge this morning no weight at the pace of me to realize are still off the senate zebra's looks good right now and the scare to drive times corp. to 13 minutes here is a live look at the golden gate bridge southbound traffic will be well right now heading into san francisco. >>erica: we do not have been instances to report for you're ride across the richmond san rafael bridge bridge bearing my traffic for both fast track
4:36 am
using cash paying customers. >>james: the department, a security expects to run out of money on friday the fact that could run out of money on friday is raising the possibility of another government shut down a bill which would fund the department through september has been drawn into a battle from the president and the republicans in congress. >>reporter: brought--president obama lets not be confused the republican speaker of the house john van refused to call the bill. funded and is it on with the provision would have reversed the president's recent
4:37 am
executive action on immigration but some republicans had to strip it for the bill could move forward is not clear house speaker john banham this is the service had zeroed in on the the test finding a deft little ways to fight over president obama is executive orders. >>reporter: went along with some of the government shut down there are concrete dramatic consequences for the home as security of this nation if we allow the funding of the department last. they expected >>: to add to the bill some kind of restriction on the administration's policy before sending it back to the senate.
4:38 am
three brooklyn men are behind bars is warning to the charge would plan to fight for ices ices and syria anti-u.s. the fbi for zero and on one of the ban when he rose on the ice is affiliated sites about killing president obama. >>reporter: their plan to travel the u.s. to syria high death of a fly in delivering it to syria. happening today the united states could be one step closer to heaven a new attorney general
4:39 am
>>james: if approved the evidence is confirmation for the full senate the of the first african-american woman to hold the nation's top law- enforcement she is nominated to take over from out all attorney- general eric holder. talley 54 we are looking for of the '60s downtown lead on today another look at the forecast coming up at 445
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>>james: after mistakes and that it took place and danger. one
4:42 am
pilot who got the warning said the get specifics for the pilot had to make a quick will to avoid crashing into the ground united airlines will not comment on will tell the accident may take home a dozen letters with united this morning. happening to the fcc is likely to vote for no set of rules for the internet is called that neutrality in the past and the providers will not be allowed to block or slow down application or will such on-line services whenever this is to decide you when i hear what this is an they're voting in secret in will not be official for months. whatever decision is a feature or battled a presidential claimant and reversing is this a problem for over the as a focus and resources would like the san francisco international as a look out over
4:43 am
the peninsula was to give you a quick look at what in mountain view we're looking at temperatures approaching the 70 degree mark led on to lay will be right back.
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>>james: some of the cars weren't a happen currently whether it came in above 730 as their the three mile backed up on the freeway is the no. five lanes were shut down for nearly four hours the other as well as a given off 15 people were taken at tree and area hospitals
4:46 am
please enact removing photos and video try to determine what called the pilot and the first place that never know exactly what triggered the press-at. here the quick live the out of new york central backed--central park. >>james: that upwards of 10 in. of heavy snow falling and from alabama with a foot or so out their raleigh n.c. and give you that i didnt be stop and bid at the state didn't of what the weather right along with the northeast more than has the forecast to come in a moment. >>erica: lord bill would pretty mild conditions in the back area
4:47 am
however we will see at least the possibility of some showers as it headed to the weekend what we will see will be very light and unswayed and scattered but finally the me to get your umbrella is backed test to the san francisco but more your at 52 san jose red now 47 degrees set to roll up has the door to the upper '30's a cold start there as it headed to the afternoon currency of '60s and '70s 242 temperatures again above average for today will be warmed we saw yesterday and the son richard coming in the 71724 oakland upper 60s stay for downtown san francisco and los seven it out in the south by today with last really warm day because tomorrow will be a transition day temperatures will back off was to increase in cloud cover the rain really hold off until about saturday morning tech a look at future cast.
4:48 am
>>erica: as we advance the clock. does not had as yet to about 9:00 flight respect for the coast may leave the coastal range nestle will pick up most of the rain as to put off into motion fast for him to the crop looks like a light rain for the south back the accord ukiah and will continue with isolated showers in fact by saturday afternoon we're looking at potential for some thunderstorms most of the activity really was surface saturday maybe a little more for the mountains and ala nothing to or alliance and reducing will be scattered at best as we look ahead the extended forecast shows there is a possibility for subtle or the answer had to next week monday there was a to percent chance to the we driver as headed to wednesday looks like what weather certainly in
4:49 am
the forecast this is a slight chance tear on your screen the national weather service called for two to the 30 percent chance temperatures in the upper 60s and looks like there's a real shift in the weather pattern more on that, right now let's talk traffic. >>erica: great time to leave the house as its ally of the at the bay bridge toll plaza some of the car started to wait at the pace and catchlines the san mateo bridge approach both directions is so minutely 880 and 101. no issues or less for those in headed to the richmond san rafael bridge still the traffic map a second of was the west are 580 starting to see sluggish conditions for the ultimate past the area of yellow on the screen will keeps these down to about 50 mi. per hour to turn our attention to the south bank grant licenses here with no accidents to reports.
4:50 am
>>james: marijuana will be covered legally in our nation's capital beginning today there will be some restrictions some members of congress are one people to just say no and there threading the actions. >>reporter: carlos to the was the identified because what he's doing now with a view of the u.s. capitol is illegal and a few hours that will change. it is illegal you're doing right now take my stuff all the cloud of the legal marijuana here nothing like the recreational boat was the car lot of users and washington d.c. can grow up to six plants carry to two
4:51 am
losses give love to work out to anyone over 21 years old with the money good nor services can exchange hands is a share or gift, but it was still is a freedom for something better out so passionate about knowing that it is legal is becoming a life in a letter to d.c.'s mayor the chairman of a powerful u.s. congressional committee process alter authority over the district of columbia issued a stern warning if you decide to move forward tomorrow with the littlest of marijuana and the district you be doing so in knowing and willful violation of law. we would encourage the congress to not be so concerned about overturning was seven out of 10 voters said should be the law. >>reporter: the city council
4:52 am
will be despite protests from some powerful members of congress would now with the politicians to get on the ball park for one to jail for this american action not as safe now after we showed a space walk live all kron 4 morning news. >>james: he was able to get that has metal for a situation that to syria's official said the water most likely came from the cooling system inside that spacesuit. donald trump says he is more serious and heather the
4:53 am
60 your said the entire staff and key primary state was contained in a to paternity also is delaying some citing some political projections. the have been fighting eviction efforts by landlord and lore that helprin for more than a year down the seven unitarian the mission district to the single malts with demonstrations and protesters will take a break time now for 53 back with more hair on the kron 4 more in goods.
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>>james: it shows the transit bus looks like a crash had all right into a building just pulling up some of the latest information and press into as you the first before careening into the street mall this happen just about the last half hour so we are here to to 530 passengers on board the letters from the same high that no serious injuries have reported none reported to local media just get it to see the
4:57 am
investigators the pull of the crime scene and that but a slight is costly to fit into the building unclear if anyone's in the building at the time or hurt will keep an eye on the store the wrecking new storage is into the news room just in the last couple of minutes coming up a body found on wednesday will also learning more about information on the fire and is tied to what we for the review this story as today
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>>james: the forecastles great for today in the lab is really good warm day will set the exchange will be unsettled beginning friday and so will some of next week as for now were doing pretty good it is not bad at conditions here out as a social visibility is looking all right. this trend a part for you morning after know this talk about this morning low clouds will have
5:01 am
temperatures on the cool side and is not as cold as it has been this week 50 of the coast we have met for is along the bay low for this and let all their clout locations got down to the upper 30s in not terrible increasingly breezing has yet to the new power by tree is after looking for widespread copper 60s and low '70's to the problem with the mildest of the day so far this week to virtus were suddenly feel that way as you get into the afternoon with a bang off the wall outside today is definitely a teacher and short they. >>james: here's where to the judge are right now most were looking a widespread demand for news on the forecast to come >>george: no hot spots are early
5:02 am
morning accident mecca involve the ride because is declared over the shoulder the westbound ride is still light enough for not track in the netherlands a little slow on the west side of the toll plaza of this and the sale of risky new still light enough and 11 minute commute time heading over to santa sale coming out of his work this morning here on the golden gate bridge and there you see the truck on a center alignment moving the center's the writer who over one line to the east as the four slain in the southbound direction it will probably take about another 20 minutes to refigure the bridge for the morning commute. >>mark: breaking news from overnight the ices militant seen videos of hostages being be added has been identified the terraces reported a british man from west london that the to find him as mohammed am wanting
5:03 am
he has appeared in these videos. meantime we've learned a number of christians kidnapped by islamic state milicent has risen a to president 20 activists say i cases of but the more kristin house is included entire family from 11 communities in northeastern syria the kidnappings have been taking place over the past three days federal officials arrested to new york man the atlanta troublous area today to join isis' another man suspected accomplice the three allegedly have plans to assassinate president obama hijack a plane across material attacks here in the united states. >>darya: a man found dead and a woman in critical condition at a home in hercules and one man is behind our witnesses say to men were fighting in the front yard before police recall to the
5:04 am
same. mike peltonn: it happened right at the home behind a police sepsis clear the same that were here late into the night take a look and shows the same overhead at the intersection of memorable plays an accord are to 45 and the afternoon yesterday please respond to reports of two men fighting in the drive with one person choking the other was officers arrived on the senate found a blood trail officers entered the home and found the woman was serious injuries the spokesperson. they found the male who is deceased we do not have any extent of injuries on
5:05 am
him at this time we have the work into the corner comes into is a close look at the bottom we do not have any indication of gunshots. >>reporter: police were able to find a man at the decision was accustomed but this one then not listed his name is not clear of the suspects and victims know each other or possibly this was a home invasion footage sunday from a fake gun here at the same wear wedding of different places one it will bring to you as soon as it becomes available ifavailable >>mark: 14 knows who first brought you a to kron 4 and 11 last i remember behind bars from a woman hostage and sex and assaulting her for weeks we first had destroyed last week with a two year-old woman claimed she was held captive in of use for weeks at the santa rosa home sonoma said it the play for your mail was being
5:06 am
master man behind the crime shrift. >>mark: additional charges may be added as an investigation on fault his bell $6 million also arrested 52 year-old of watsonville may help keep the victim capt. >>darya: new warning from the cdc they said potentially dangerous bacteria could be lurking in your doctor's office of that. this is the key found in hospitals have been found in a number of people even though they have not been to hospital the had however recently visited a doctor or dentist they're conducting studies to see if people are contracting this above and doctors' offices and the cdc says patients should wash their hands after you go to the doctors with soap and water because alcohol base jail will
5:07 am
not get rid of this particular bacteria. >>mark: man crashed into a killing a food vendor last weekend as a charge with 12 criminal counts including murder the to a five year-old a minute to drinking a beer before the crash on saturn if he left the driveway of a liquor store surely after he crossed an oncoming traffic and hit a car police said he kept driving in britain to decide what crashing into a fruit stand the vendor was not down and his wife was penned the time the stand in the van the vendor died at the hospital investing this say he drove through a front yard and got back on the road for hitting a parked car and come to arrest on a sidewalk he tried to run away a bystander's held him until police arrived. >>darya: heavy snow being blamed for a lot of problems across included a huge pile up in denver where to to you how many
5:08 am
cars were involved in the strike the plane has to make an emergency landing will tell you why and where this happened and as everyone ok to of after a break a home owner sacramental mickey neighbors uncomfortable because of what he is this playing in the front yard.
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>>mark: the man for the palestinian flag in the last two weeks in the post war was lost because one of the juice said that it may be protected under free speech. >>erica: your wishes one bay area start of companies command will table a new service called magic tax thing.
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>>mark: watching heavy snow across a mention of problems yesterday afternoon a lot of problems in the denver area all ledger interstate 70 last night when there's a series of small crashes involving up to 70 vehicles along the 4 mi. stretch of the freeway. these are full of a pileup on the ig >>james: the snow level is dropping down into showers will stick around long as all to the
5:16 am
iran now is for friday night and decided that if another system for testing on monday and then one more in the middle of next week. >>james: a talk about what is happening right now >>james: when a lot of for his insistence on the map but of the federally arise not 39 degrees and 47 in concord 48 in san jose 46 and open 52 in san francisco is a cool star you definitely need a star for the kids and the head of the door this morning by letter on this afternoon it will be short and t-shirts. or will see of the sixties to low 77 for antioch and santa rosa 70 as well for san jose even warmer still an open look for the to to 72
5:17 am
downtown 68 in san francisco by the looks of it will be a nice springlike day and enjoy it because things will change to hit into tomorrow and the weekend here is what looks like on a satellite redder perspective some clouds out there nobody filtering in the bay area over the course of the morning by this afternoon mostly sunny conditions and lynwood partly cloudy conditions but come friday night to saturday clouds were really roll in. if >>james: strong went to shore lights spotty showers that will be friday and the site where was to see in the heart of the bay area by saddam certainly will see some scattered showers along the area may be even isolated thunderstorms here and there is some of the clouds will the bill to death. --that >>james: small system like in nature at times it can get
5:18 am
intense but we will move on. will have more unsettled weather persisted for monday and the slide in even better chance for the middle of next week temperature by the way also dropped off considerably >>george: that of course is good news that means no delays for the ride here at the bay bridge toll plaza where not tracking any hot spots this morning will start our bird check with the low was 80 ride all the approaches look good in the back of here is clear out that just passing of the castle and the toll plaza on and hear at the lower san mateo bridge and highway 92 no brick flights let's check of the golden gate bridge we see the truck on the stand at about ms. karan is a removing for the center divider over to the rich member is is
5:19 am
like easy ride was not stay 580 and 113 richmond were looking at about a 60 minute drive times. >>darya: united airlines flight from denver to kansas city missouri was diverted to which it saw last night there was a landing gear failure on the flight police and fire captain for the air force says alike in the cotton indicating the landing gear was down did not turn on they did come down and the plane landed without incident. >>darya: doctors try to take christine off medication but the
5:20 am
daughter of with the houston about the brown had a negative reaction she has been in the man hospital since she was gone on jane or 31st in the bathtub or from the 220 road was put in a medically induced doctors tried to center off the mat but she started having seizures of a pull her back on the drug. >>mark: the story with care if you live is the morning of woman hospitalized in great condition after being rescued from a strip mall that was and often flames and how it would defy reporter ron 7 yes the morning and walk down the flames of 40 minutes after dragging the victim from the small the badly injured woman appeared to have been living in an illegally converted units in the commercial building a dog did die in the fire caused on the investigation. >>erica: a new service in the south bay has rolled out what they called magic text and simple to add anything you want that is legal or done to a
5:21 am
specific member and the customs service agents will handle your request for example if you want a plan or a ticket me ball online an e-mail to the individual what is service section may be used to do the shopping the use have to pay to print names one for using magic tax and one for the shopping service is not a very innovative have seen other things on the market like this but acid have over a thousand customers of bell signed up into two to four hours. >>mark: an unusual surge in oregon have after a man's home installer will explain of the search for the house continues. another partial government shutdown could be facing us will
5:22 am
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5:25 am
>>darya: take out your neighborhood you can see the current temperatures of your door right now in the bottles 45 in hayward is 50 we will have mid '40's to fifties redwood city is a mix should drop the bay area right now and we will have a little bit of a mixed and maybe even some small to talk about that in 10 minutes. >>mark: the popularity ratings are out and a lever retriever are the nation's top dog to be taught to fourth gear they're
5:26 am
broke oppose decades over the back to of the same german shepherds came and set afire by golden retrievers will dawson v) if for fear reflected a season of the if newly registered dogs. totally collapse over a full agenda is to have a golden coffee little >>darya: this may be inferred this is the missing house really? investigators are researching for this whole is 12 to the square feet a pretty good-sized law cab and it was sitting along the riverfront and then it wasn't how do you call
5:27 am
the police and tell them home is missing? the all of a vacation cabin was not in the area your construction guy you may not know can you dig it off.
5:28 am
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>>will tran: they still talk about her at last they cry in coming up march 2nd is the anniversary in the coming of to speak to them her pictures are
5:33 am
everywhere in the house as you can see it pick about her all the time this setup an opposition called for--smiled that court. >>will tran: how has it been that the first question is a long journey is adjourning will live in a sense of love for our daughter and has not been easy love this year's powerful the destination is much more you fulfil the turning your back to it. is the worst thing that ever
5:34 am
happened to you i was home and then i get a phone call your open than she somehow survive did his gut wrenching as it is that as the worst day of my life like at that point. >>: i felt very hard for a lot the wanted to help was i was the
5:35 am
money to be more powerful than just for services i wanted to be something we can impact other people with and soul with that idea in mind and having heard above her smile and laugh during the services for the idea of putting together an organization fought was born and it's her smile. >>will tran: on the proverbial track and it would down a dark path in the path of helping it will triple who are listening to us this morning can identify with something in their lives there really could drive undetected choice of choice and we have the choice to make in that was one of darkness and one
5:36 am
of being trapped in the love for our child in the family it was crystal clear to me the choices was given a are being fanned asset a year later that we are for ever blessed that we got the path of love mentally we know she's with us and with our spirits we talk about her all the databases and when i go to work and pass by with the incident happened and how to say hey good morning deborah less well flushes been with us all the time.
5:37 am
>>will tran: his two younger siblings are they doing? >>: i did not know there is no book to have their good days and have their bad days off and we encourage them to do communicate and we have a rule in our family that this is a prize on if you have to cry cry if you're sad be said for and we are here for each other overall i think to have shown a beautiful spirit inside of resilience folia and if this for the long haul. >>will tran: issues on the train tracks left the train track to realize the cell phone was still backed f have you ask anyone how she was able to get back their in exactly the circumstances of her death. it did bring this piece that all the people witnesses told the same story
5:38 am
and that was the kansas city on the train tracks and they quickly went on one side and the other one on the other side the train was fast approaching it it was the female was general who went back and grab something and we know that is herself on and hit her in the back is seems to be that she over estimated are underestimated the with of the train will the with of the track and is not in excess over and so she got hit it was a 14 year-old girl and not really understanding our overall environment in the circumstances of her actions. on one side of the track there is plenty of
5:39 am
room beside the she was on there was a hill right next she was pinched against the hill she could not really run or move away from it if of the hill was blocking her exit of illinois room to go. >>will tran: they're done coming of the 6:00 will talk to her siblings terramycin officials access to a to announce a to talk a lot of they're doing to continue to grow what they're trying to do hers mild out or they don't add thousands of dollars to people in need on behalf of her.
5:40 am
5:41 am
5:42 am
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5:46 am
>>mark: the woman's injuries in the cause of death and a man not yet known investigators do not even know she was >>darya:
5:47 am
>>darya: we want to get a look at whether to seek to be changing here soon. fifths >>james: in this unsettled for next wednesday if cent tariffs fifth pass at the showers were getting a little early this will continues on this it looks like right now a little too dark to see it at the moment when visibility is pretty good a few low cloud hanging over the head and set a quick look at temperatures mild widespread mid-40s 47, the san jose and
5:48 am
oakland will 48 and 46 degrees the mildest and 51 and is santa rosa about 10 degrees cooler and 41 listed a quick look at temperatures in the east bay and the weather for the easy way to focus in on that part of the bay. >>james: temperatures as an end to the afternoon hours to the to the upper sixties to low seventies a nice day today being the one the state of the week to let the clouds will start to build and repression for that storm coming on friday and saturday to register my will drop down to the mid to upper '40's and low '50's it was what it will be this afternoon a percentage of the seven is in the survey that we fairly widespread to very nice springlike day. it will continue
5:49 am
to build as the into the overnight hours in the storm system was to our north it was loaded track in our direction to the clever or to see rain in the north bank and other parts of the area beginning about 6:00 or so saddam more will see a few north of ukiah by nine to make some activity by about noontime will get a little more widespread dissent chance for all of thunderstorms for to on saturday. but six and against a so-so out and until midnight saturday night and looks like the system is the area is to be mainly a saturday event for core and advest had and the conditions would improve and on sunday monday a slight chance of another sport to a better chance for the middle of next week.
5:50 am
>>george: the traffic is selling in the bay bridge toll plaza in liberalize 7 activated and the backed up now starting to reach toward the macarthur maze as the push up to the 20 minute drive times very quickly if for the westbound ride in the eighth 80, ramp for the 92 ride in the san mateo bridge we're picking up the bourke-white's out here was of the toll plaza at around mid span and for the golden gate bridge that no delays for the softball one trip richmond bridge in the marin county until the 6:00 hour when they will open up the last of the toll as and looking at you're ride here in the east bay were tracking a pretty good commute on interstate 80 was a bomb there no delays and 680 delays for concord to on the creek into the san ramon valley.
5:51 am
>>george: was about 580 or continuing to the dublin great to the castro valley we did get word of problem and san francisco this is cross over the drive and park presidio southbound leading tonight's ave. we will have more on that later. >>erica: dmz said mcdonnell was taking a violent tumble during her performance at the 36th annual award. she was walking down off the platform onto the stage when the backed up the answer yet on her case and you see her falling down the dance was trying to pull off to reveal a sparkly outfit with harmonic take said rep around her neck instead phyfe should have pulled back forced she was a bit
5:52 am
rattled at first presumably in some pain but she did manage to get through her set that looks like a herd in my question is how no one helped her?
5:53 am
>>darya: he says i am a dad and i know how it feels. >>: i left the white house mean president obama of the regionals in that meeting talking about the new initiative of the work in donations and support the grammar to lead the fight going. if the war is keep on this have we know where they're heading time now is 553 would have lost
5:54 am
ahead on the kron 4 morning news not always. --do not go away
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>>mark: is threatening to cut off gas supplies the hit song of town from get the senior citizen make over if we will show you how is getting some old fashion flair. if we could see some sprinkles this weekend games will have more on the forecast. guess nevereal gavmuch oughto t acidity inny fds. ver oughabouthe ffee i was inki havg acs. iteverawneon mthat it cou huryoureeth my dtistas td me your enal iseari awa anthatound real sca to ani walikeell can yofix n yopainit back on d hexplaed tt itas n someing at gws bk, it's kd of oneime ot and you ve tcareor i he td meo uspronel.
5:58 am
it gon helprott thenam in ur tth. it alls meo coinue to dnk mcoff anto e heahier and was reaeasy itcho ma.
5:59 am
6:00 am
>>george: we're doing pretty well know hot spots. >>james: rain is on the horizon >>james: live pictures at the golden gate bridge visibility pretty good this is the kind of whether we would expect as a work away as the broken down to the different a part low clouds it will not be quite as cold as it was yesterday temperatures mainly in the mid to upper '40's all their fuel spots won a to their after showing up in a couple that showing low 50s by noontime w


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